Margaret Weigman, who had been in the early childhood profession since 1969, started her first educational preschool in 1972 called the "Sherman Park Nursery School". After seven years in business the center became so successful that her landlord bought her out. Realizing the need for quality educational based preschool programs in the greater Milwaukee area, Margaret sought out new venues to share her expertise.
Since 1973, Margaret opened or helped open educational preschools in Elm Grove, Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls and Sussex. As the times changed and there became an increased demand for all day programs, Margaret expanded to an all day format in 1981. First in Elm Grove and then eventually in Menomonee Falls in 1992. The focus remained on the educational preschool program and the business grew.
Today, the business has evolved into two stand alone family owned facilities perfectly suited to serve the needs of our rather important small clients. Julie Peggs is the Program Director for the Hartland Preschool and Child Care Center. Jean Charboneauis the Program Director at the Elm Grove Preschool and Child Care Center. Their brother Rick Weigman is the Business Manager for both locations.
Although Weigman's Preschools have evolved from a strictly morning academic program into all day centers, the emphasis remains on the educational component of the programs. We are here to help your child build strong readiness skills all within a loving, caring and fun environment.
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